Launch Your Campaign

We make it easy! Set targets and daily budget, decide which social platforms you want exposure on, add the content you want shared.

Your Message is Shared

Our broad database of Advocates begin sharing your content in an authentic manner as they are rewarded for their participation.

Track Your Results

Monitor shares, clicks, impressions, and engagements your content receives on a per-advocate, per-platform, and geographic level.

Who is AdvoWire for?

For those that want an easier way to get the word out across multiple social media channels. AdvoWire is designed for anyone to promote nearly anything. Brands spreading a message, startups announcing a new service or product, event promoters getting the word out, non-profits sharing their cause, crowdfunders looking to boost funding, bloggers generating more traffic, candidates building their recognition, bands and musicians announcing a new single, online sellers promoting a listing, you get the point...

Simple Setup

Follow the easy, one page, step-by-step process and launch your campaign within minutes.

Geographic Targeting

Set location-based filters based on metropolitan areas, or opt for nationwide shares.

Credible Exposure

Your content shared from inside the circle of trust, versus having it posted as an online banner or billboard.

Approved Content

Draft the exact campaign message you want shared by others, for each social network you are targeting.

Media Compatible

Add high-quality images or videos to your shared messages for increased engagement.

Budget Friendly

Choose your max daily spend, cost per share, and campaign duration to fit your needs.

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