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Custom Branded Resources

We’re on a mission to spotlight your personal brand with potential business partners. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!


Social Footprint Showcasing

Get discovered for new earning opportunities, and gauge your reach compared to other influencers in your space.


Tweet-to-Earn Opportunities

Earn with just a click as you share content on Twitter. Invite teams and increase your involvement to boost reward points!

  • I absolutely loved working with HireInfluence! The process was simple and hassle free, and they connected me with a first class client and production team. Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work. Oh and keep calling me!

    Kristen Hewitt, Mommy In Sports
  • I’m beyond grateful to HireInfluence for placing me in a position to do work that I love and succeed. I’m delighted to have been paired with a project that was such an ideal fit and still, days after it has concluded, has me smiling.

    Danielle Smith, Extraordinary Mommy
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with HireInfluence. I thoroughly enjoyed the screening and was delighted to share the pre and post-event content. It was a pleasure and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again on a future promotion campaign.

    Denise Murray Wong, Niecyisms
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Our Benefits

An activated profile is your ticket into creative engagements and rewarding opportunities. We are sourcing influencers daily from targeted verticals, to promote on behalf of brands you have come to know and love.

Social Media Advocacy

Work with brands you love and use the power of your social audiences to spread their message far and wide.

Blogging Campaigns

Post sponsored conversations and product reviews on your blog.

Brand Spokesperson

Serve as the public face for brands that align with your lifestyle.

Video Talent

Create sponsored videos or act as on-air talent in web series, commercials, and more.

Event Attendance

Provide real-time updates to your community with VIP access at events that matter to you.

Exclusive Signings

Contract for tailor-made engagements and long-term relationships to take your influence to the next level.

Creative Team

We present you with out-of-the-box creative campaigns to keep your involvement fresh and exciting.

Participation Simplified

Our super-powered platform makes your social media campaign sharing a streamlined, pain-free process.

Top-Shelf Compensation

We know your influence is valuable, and we make sure you’re compensated accordingly.


There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.

Malcolm Gladwell

Influencer Representation

A program designed specifically for those that have positioned themselves as a dominant voice within their vertical or industry. Individuals that qualify for representation will experience a hands-on approach to putting your profile in front of the most elite opportunities... Just think of us as a digital talent-agency that helps to pitch your abilities and audience to top brands across the country.


VIP Experiences
Access to top shelf campaigns and right of first refusal
Full talent management
Custom designed media kits
Exclusive profile badge


Negotiation handling on your behalf
Management of all outside campaign opportunities
Hands-on assistance with fulfilling your campaign obligations
Support in growing your influence and talent experience


Minimum combined 10,000 social reach across all networks
Established online presence of at least 2 years
Prolific social footprint
Quality content and honed voice
Successful brand experience
No history of purchased followings
Ongoing adherence to FTC requirements
Engaged and active community
Demonstrated ability as a leader within your vertical

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