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DADDY'S DEPLOYED PERSONALIZED BOOKS This isn't just another children's book. This book could make a huge...http://fb.me/1bjAAwK89 

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We had a blast last weekend going to @chuckecheeses! Adam won the high score on this particular game and was SO excited! If you're trying to decide what #VeteransDay deal to choose this year, check out Chuck E. Cheese's BOGO deal and spend the day having fun with the whole family! Get the details at www.singingthroughtherain.net! #military #veterans #militaryfamily #militarykids #chuckecheese #whereakidcanbeakid #ad

Nov 9, 2016

CHICKEN WITH HERB STUFFING AND FLAX It's flavorful, filling, healthy, AND it is what's for dinner. YUM!http://fb.me/5LJ1KFxxf 


WHY MY CHILD DOESN'T "LOOK" LIKE THEY HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS Nope. No wheel chair, no need down the road for adult...http://fb.me/13XBOybOE 


She was so excited to get a snowflake painted on her face! #hospital #childrenscolorado… https://www.instagram.com/p/BNvQjCVFo7K/ 


Elizabeth's #Birth Story http://wp.me/p1Uj3p-3rZ  #baby

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Somehow grandma captured BOTH kids looking at the camera. And of course my brother is lurking in the background lol! #twocuties #family #lovethem #latergram

Nov 14, 2016

Star Wars Toys and Games Gift Guide

Nov 24, 2016
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Nothing like being a blogger and seeing this! ❤️#blog #blogger #blogging #wheeloffortune #funny #awesome

Nov 20, 2016

Star Wars Jewelry Gift Guide

Nov 24, 2016

No one expects to have a child with complicated medical needs and no mom hopes that her child will have to spend a lot of time in the hospital, but if your child does have a hospital stay, it’s best to be ready!

Nov 24, 2016

5 Ways to Celebrate Your #Anniversary When Your Spouse is Deployedhttp://wp.me/p1Uj3p-37V 


Need a "giftervention"? If you're having a hard time picking out a gift for your man, click now! http://www.singingthroughtherain.net/2016/12/gift-card-mall.html … @GCMall #ad #GCM


Star Wars DIY Gift Guide

Nov 24, 2016
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Sweet girl is plumb tuckered out. #liz #tired #surgery #sweetgirl

Dec 7, 2016

Star Wars Toys and Games Gift Guide

Nov 24, 2016

Thanksgiving is a time for family, reflection, and gratitude. Here are 12 activities to make a meaningful Thanksgiving.

Nov 24, 2016
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We're losing another fantastic nurse in just two weeks due to a PCS. So very sad that all the good ones have to move away due to military life, but that's the way it goes I guess. Michelle, you are going to be very very missed! 💜 #nurse #homehealth #homenursing #medicallycomplex #feesingdisorder #gtube #tubefeeding #liz #militarylife

Dec 1, 2016

Men are hard to shop for, am I right? At least the man in my life is! I love him to death, but it’s so hard to...http://fb.me/8urNwBt9p 

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Oh you know... just hanging out with Princess Kate and Prince William. #brittish #willysemporiam #princesskate #princewilliam @abi_mcferron

Nov 27, 2016