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This what Sunday breakfast for 5 kids look like...and they aren't even big yet! #UnPocoDeTodoUk #momblogger #big family #boys #hungry #FoodPorn

Nov 22, 2016
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The evening of Monday November 14th the moon was closer to earth than it has been in decades, creating what NASA describes as an "undeniably beautiful" effect. This "super moon" was an amazing sight that researches say will not occur again until 2034. On this particular evening I was bartending most...

Nov 16, 2016
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It's finally looking like November in Colorado 😞 #bringonthesnow #blogger #momblog #Colorado #winteriscoming

Nov 17, 2016
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You can't see in this pic, but our elf stole all my marshmallows to write "happy birthday, kadi" 😊

Dec 6, 2016

5 Holiday Traditions To Start Today http://ln.is/www.bigfitfam.com/IaQPp … via @BigFitFamily linked with @admofaworkmum @mumproject #StayClassyMama.

Dec 8, 2016

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Dec 8, 2016
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Better pic of the elf's tangles message for my little Repunzel's birthday 😊

Dec 6, 2016

The Sleeping Position of Women Reveal A Lot About Them http://ln.is/pggli  by #drugsonbri via @c0nvey

Dec 8, 2016

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Dec 8, 2016

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Dec 8, 2016

FAF: Beat Those Holiday Pounds!!! http://www.bigfitfam.com/faf-beat-those-holiday-pounds-2/ …pic.twitter.com/AzWXt8FntE

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It's officially close enough to the holidays where it has become baking season in our home! As our days get colder here in Colorado there is nothing that warms my heart more than something delicious baking in the oven, filling our home with sweet and savory scents. Due our amazing and random ability...

Nov 14, 2016
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These boys love their dog 🐶 #momblogger #doglove #bigfamilylife #family #love

Dec 7, 2016

DAY 7 RT & tag a friend to win this @Lumeecase (for all your festive... http://ln.is/4qNNJ  by #bennesher456 via @c0nvey

Dec 7, 2016
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An unexpected "duck face" selfie from my 7 year on my phone...we are terrified! Haha #girls #momblogger #crazylife #onlygirl #phonesurprises

Dec 2, 2016
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#Parents! 50% off kids tool belt at target TODAY ONLY using your cartwheel app! #momblogger, #target, #coupon, #deals, #holiday, #xmas

Nov 20, 2016
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Holiday Cards are so much fun to receive. I love all the festive colors, characters, images of loved ones with Santa, and I very much dislike hiding them away in a box never to be seen again. I have spent years propping them up on every available surface; cluttering shelves and tacking them to walls...

Dec 5, 2016
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What do you think of the car we are considering? Seats 11....lol #big family #momblogger #carshopping #shortbus

Nov 21, 2016
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When “The Elf On The Shelf” first came out, I swore our family wouldn’t be sucked in. The holidays are stressful enough without having to remember to hide a slightly creepy, weirdly stiff stuffed toy each night before bed….or, more correctly, to quickly can come up with a crazy explanation as to why...

Dec 2, 2016
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My oldest saying grace for his siblings and cousins. He is getting so big! #proudmama #momblogger #holiday #thanksgiving #love #cousins

Nov 25, 2016