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Dec 7, 2016

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Dec 7, 2016

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Dec 13, 2016

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Dec 19, 2016

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Dec 7, 2016

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Dec 7, 2016

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Dec 5, 2016

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Dec 14, 2016

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Dec 19, 2016

I hate #surepost. My package was supposed to be here Saturday. I ordered it on December 6th!

Dec 12, 2016
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Jun 18, 2014

The alienating parent only cares about themselves and their agenda

Dec 9, 2016

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Dec 16, 2016

Dark Chocolate Cake with Hot Chocolate Frosting

Dec 16, 2016
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Jun 21, 2014

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Dec 8, 2016

Holiday Tropical Punch

Dec 16, 2016

Give it to 'em GOOD.

Dec 3, 2016

Willy Wonka Sarcasm Meme meme

Dec 9, 2016

I couldn't agree more. My parents always talk about financial issues and things in that nature to and around me. And I wish I knew nothing about all of it.

Dec 10, 2016