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Let's do some real #ThrowBackThursday 😄 I took this picture in Hamburg in May 2009, when my friend and I took a day trip to Hamburg from Berlin, where we studied.. What a fun little adventure that was! The highlight? Finding a book in Czech at a local flea market 😆 You know, when away from home for a longer period, you start appreciating little things connected to your home country.. Right? Do you have it like that too? Or is it just me? 🙊

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Ok, so let me leave you with one more photo of a gorgeous Dubai sunset before I flood you with all the pictures of Philippines..😆 This one obviously doesn't feature any pretty landscape, the full focus is on the golden sun 🌅 #sunset #sunsetsunday #dubai

Oct 16, 2016
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So I slept in a forest and explored Swedish nature  @essenceofsweden @visitsweden

Aug 19, 2016

Backpacking Burma / Myanmar: Our Experience … #travel, #ttot

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A Tacloban native, this 63 y.o. Filipino man is, till this day, drawing sings in hand. He said he was expecting us. What an oracle! And he's looking forward to seeing us again. I guess I have to go back. #tbexph #SoulOfThePhilippines #PhilippinesPhotoContest

Oct 21, 2016
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I haven't seen much in Cebu, except from the party scene and insides of cabs and jeepneys... mainly due to our failed attempt to find a decent beach that wouldn't be off on a different island or wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to lie on (like on the resort's beaches). So here you go - a photo of an impressive church! ⛪️ Filipinos are the only nation in Asia that's predominantly Christian and many really do go to the church. If you meet families on the street dressed especially nice, it means they are on their way to/from a church 😊 #cebu #church #cebutrip

Oct 23, 2016

A sunrise hike! Must have been quite something at a special place like Borobudur!!! …I just returned from a month in Southeast Asia and one of the many highlights was Borobudur the largest Buddhist... 

Oct 26, 2016

One of the most surreal experiences of my life Flying the hot air balloon over the deser…

Oct 26, 2016

Oh yeah First one coming up later today on Instagram @saraandgreg @PlatinumHRTG

Oct 26, 2016
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A geysir? Is that Iceland?! Nope, not really. Just Karlovy Vary 🇨🇿 - a spa town in the western tip of the Czech Republic, where thermal springs meet lovely architecture 🙆 #visitCZ #fcr2016 #karlovyvarycz

Oct 10, 2016
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So this is Manila. Not a particularly pretty city, but certainly does have its own personality.. I loved the view from the 43th floor of our apartment building in Pasay neighborhood! And local teenagers did obviously too, there were loads of them sitting around, listening to music and doing stuff on their smartphones. Kids 😀 #tbexph #SoulOfThePhilippines #PhilippinesPhotoContest

Oct 19, 2016

How to Fight Insects (Cockroaches) While Travelling … #travel, #ttot


Year-Round Skiing: Hintertux (And Other Glaciers) … #travel, #ttot


The abandoned buildings of Bokor National Park …

Oct 25, 2016
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Soft but stormy (!) sunset rolling over the little islet of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro 🇲🇪 😍 Sveti Stefan can't be just casually visited, it's actually one big resort. It has been only recently reconstructed to revive its former glory when it used to be a popular celebrity vacation hideout between the 60's and the 80's. Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor spent their vacation there 👙 In 2014, Novak Djokovic got married in Sveti Stefan 🎾 Alright, that's enough of celebrity gossip from me for another year! 😆

Sep 27, 2016
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Remembering many of my past trips to Volosko, Croatia. The lovely fishing village is full of locals and only a few tourists. You can take a beautiful seaside walk on the Lungomare walkway to Opatija and much further.. Except from the gorgeous sea views, you can also come across the Maiden with the seagull statue. It looks almost as the one in Copenhagen, right? 🙊 This place is so special that we usually go there every year but this year's been kinda busy.. hopefully 2017 then! Look up Volosko on my web (link in bio) if you want to read more about it 😊 #throwbackthursday #croatia #croatiafulloflife

Oct 6, 2016
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I'll probably bother (or please?) you with pics from Kolanggaman for quite a while. Because this place is magical 💙 And it's my new favorite spot on Earth. And I took too many photos! 😄 #SoulOfThePhilippines #PhilippinesPhotoContest #TBEXPH

Oct 18, 2016

A complete guide to Tel Aviv: from ancient ports to hipster districts  #travel #ttot #wanderlust

Oct 26, 2016
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Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic's famous spa town, is picturesque even when rainy! ☔️ Such was my view from hotel Thermal, when on a Tourism Forum organized by CzechTourism 🇨🇿 #visitCZ #fcr2016 #karlovyvary

Oct 9, 2016
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A picturesque view of one of many Venice's canals. As you can see, this one's a bit off the beaten path, there were no tourists around! 🙃

Sep 16, 2016